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Mendix Developer

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You've maximized your efforts in Studio Pro, and know all the "in's & out's” of the Mendix-platform.

Thanks to your years of experience, you are also able to pay attention to matters as architectural issues, performance, or security-related topics. And where others may need more time to comprehend, you are well able to understand the more complex processes, get a clear view on customer demands and translate them into viable User Stories and Sprints. You are fine working on your own, but prefer to work together and share your knowledge with both colleagues and the customer. Building awesome applications with Mendix, is what you love!

In summary, you recognize yourself in the picture below:

  • A Hbo/WO diploma, perhaps even in a specific IT training;
  • Several years of experience with Mendix, but you are not unfamiliar with coding Java;
  • Certified? big pro!
  • You understand both English and Dutch on a business level.

In addition, you have (some) knowledge of:

  • React (Native & widgets), developing headless applications and building PWA's;
  • Stakeholder management. You are not averse to sparring with clients;
  • Working in Agile-teams;
  • UX/UI design;
  • Soap, REST, UML;

Your career at Incentro

As a Mendix developer you build the best applications for the customer. Together with your team, you devise and create tailor-made solutions. Because we also build many B2C solutions, we also think it is important to gain knowledge at the 'front end' as we want to build "King of the customer experience" -apps.

We therefore offer you every opportunity to continue to develop yourself in our Academy and invest in you to become the specialist you want to be. Not only to keep up with technological innovations, but also to become a better professional and, for example, to work on your interpersonal skills.

Our cell structure ensures that we can quickly connect with each other, know each other well, work in small(er) teams and thus also know how to create a close-knit culture!

What do we offer you?

Sustainable growth... that's important to us! Not only because of our mission to leave a 'zero-carbon footprint' by 2025, by driving electric with all our colleagues, but also by continuing to invest in your career path. In this way we offer you concrete growth opportunities throughout the entire organization, and we make a contribution to your (non-contributory) pension-scheme!

Autonomy is also very important to us, so flexibility in how and where you fill in your working day, with a solid budget to purchase your own laptop and set up your (home) workplace... we think that goes without saying! We share success both on an individual level, in the form of a joint annual profit distribution, but also offering you to become a shareholder of the organization! Incentro is owned by Incentronauts, and no one else!

In the coming period we hope to go skiing together again, and that all those legendary Incentro festivals(!) will be held once more. Our Happiness-Team has organized a lot online in the past two years, but is looking forward to welcoming everyone again to the live drinks, as before!

Last words about us:

With change, we make our customers stronger. By creating digital platforms, we improve the customer experience for the world's biggest and hottest brands. The result? Digital breakthroughs. A combination of (big) data, marketing, digital design and the will to change has brought us here. Are you ready for the next step in your career?

...Welcome to Incentro.

Any questions about this role? Feel free to send a message, a handwritten letter or a carrier pigeon. ✉️ Check our most friendly career wizard Tom Onokiewicz via for more information! He's always up for a cup of coffee or a cold drink...

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