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Mid-level front-end developer


Do you have the courage to challenge customers, to advise them about existing and new technologies? Yes! Then come and work with us as a front-end developer 💻

Your career with Incentro

So, what exactly does the job entail? As a front-end developer, you’ll spend the entire day working on the user experience of our customers' platforms. How do we perfect the experience, how do we reach the sales targets and which methodology/technique is best suited to achieve this? And if you're not working on that, you'll be busy managing projects and developing master plans with your back-end, UX and design colleagues. Always focused on: how can we create a state-of-the-art e-commerce environment? Finally, you’ll also be a coach for your junior colleagues. What more could you ask for?

About you

With a passion for IT and e-commerce, you'll go a long way with us. We are also looking for the following:

  • An IT-related HBO/WO diploma;
  • 3 years of relevant work experience;
  • Experience with scrum.

Knowledge of - or interest in - the following technology:

  • Modern Javascript has your preference;
  • HTML Semantics and CSS3 Animations? This is no problem for you;
  • You know your way around the terminal and with the git CLI;
  • You get along with Yarn and NPM;
  • A popular Javascript framework;
  • You have a lot of Node.js knowledge;
  • You write (unit) tests;
  • You have experience with REST apis (pre: GraphQL) // reading documentation.

What we offer

First, we offer a competitive salary of €3,000 - €4,750 (depending on your expertise). Do you have a different salary in mind, given your experience? Name it! And we'll see what we can do.

But a great salary isn't the only thing on offer at Incentro. There are legendary drinks. parties, fantastic team outings and last but not least, our mind-blowing winter sports holiday! For us it’s natural to take good care of our people, and that's why the team always comes first at Incentro. Your happiness is our focus. Check out everything Incentro has to offer.

About Incentro

With change, we make our customers stronger. By creating digital platforms, we improve the customer experience for the world's biggest and hottest brands. The result? Digital breakthroughs. A combination of (big) data, marketing, digital design and the desire to change has led us here. Are you ready for your next career step? Welcome to Incentro.

Any questions about this role? Feel free to send a message, a handwritten letter or a carrier pigeon. ✉️ We are happy to help.

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Front-end development