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Boldness, mastery and autonomy. Those are the main characteristics of our colleagues. They are not afraid to face a challenge. They persevere. They search for change. We’d like to call them Changers

Sounds relatable? Then you’re in the right place. 

Become our next Changer.

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At Incentro we love technology

We don’t believe that we’ve found the holy grail of tech combinations. Instead, we believe that you should always explore better and new tech. We challenge you to bring new ideas to the board.

Here’s an overview of technology that we already love to use.

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Our responsibility

For a better world

Come on, who doesn’t want a cleaner and better world? That’s why Incentro invests money in innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s the epicenter, that’s where real change arises. And change inspires us. Interested in the ways Incentro deals with sustainability and social responsibility?

You know what we love? Projects that overlap with our values; responsibility, transparency, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Here are some of those initiatives. 

Make IT Work

We enjoy working in IT, and we want everyone interested to experience that joy. That’s why we’ve helped to set up the ‘Make IT Work’ project, an initiative by Amsterdam University since 2015. This collaboration is aimed at unemployed or graduate students to get retrained into the IT branch. This way we aspire to help people, who have difficulty finding a job in their field of expertise, to excel and discover the road of becoming a developer.

Fair Trade Software

Incentro is not only located in the Northern Hemisphere but also the Southern: Kenya. This is not without reason. Kenya is a country with many graduates in IT, but unfortunately, the jobs are scarce. That’s why Incentro flew to Nairobi to respond to the job shortage. The results? We ensure fair wages, equal treatment and most importantly: training through co-creation with Dutch developers.


There is already more than enough CO2. Therefore. Incentro incorporates sustainability as much as possible. For instance, we want to become CO2 neutral, starting with the goal of not leasing fuel cars by 2020. This CO2 reduction counts for other forms of transportation as well: we choose to attend events by train instead of by helicopter.

Support KIVA

Last but not least: KIVA. Incentro supports this nonprofit organization with a mission to offer financial access to underserved communities. This gives communities a boost to flourish.