Growth and development are important to us, regardless of the stage in your career. We need hard workers and strong leaders. Within our own in-house academy, every Incentronaut has the opportunity to develop themselves. In this way you give your career a boost and you continue to grow! Curious about the possibilities? Take a look at the different growth paths within Incentro.

The YPA, A.K.A., the Young Professional Academy. This is the best way to kickstart your career. During an intensive four-week course you will be trained to become a decisive consultant.

You learn to give and receive feedback, you improve your soft skills and you learn to represent the best version of yourself. Did you forget how to be human during your interview? After the training, your charm will blow your conversation partner away. A very useful skill when meeting a new customer!

First, you follow workshops that are focused on your specialism. And after the traineeship, you get to swim in the deep end and make beautiful things for cool clients.

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As a medior, you naturally want to continue to develop yourself. That is why we offer training courses, group sessions and coaching sessions at the Medior Academy. The various modules are made available in collaboration with Akerendam.

In 2019, we realized we had courses in the program for everyone, except for our leaders. Since then, we have been giving monthly lectures on leadership, entrepreneurship and upcoming leaders.

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Do you have experience in another field, but are you dying to work within the IT industry? TOUGH LUCK BUCKO. Just kidding, that's actually really good news! It is also possible to get a nice job at Incentro through retraining or side entry. One of the partners with whom we have been working for more than seven years is Make IT Work. They will take you from music teacher to IT consultant within five months. For more information and your options, check out the make IT work website.

At Incentro there is always room for new talent and fresh insights! You can contact us for IT-related internships, but also for things like marketing, or data analysis. When you apply for a job with us, we check which cell is the best fit for your internship period. In short., customization based on your open application! We look forward to receiving your email.