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Camaraderie, boldness, mastery, and autonomy. These values embody the Incentro culture. And that's why we love meeting new people who carry these values in their DNA.
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Our history

Incentro was founded in 1996, which means we've been around for over 25 years! Since that time, we have matured and we realized that we needed to work in smaller teams to maintain our flat culture. So we tossed our hierarchy out of the window and structured our organization according to Eckart Wintzen’s cell model. Each cell consists of a maximum of sixty colleagues. The cell splits when exceeding this number, allowing constant room for direct, personal contact and entrepreneurship. 

Over the years, we have grown toward our cultural values and our guiding principles. Our ambition is to enable sustainable growth for our customers. And here's a little secret: it’s the growth of our people that ensures the growth of our customers. That's why we like to invest in our Incentronauts.

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Our guiding principles

This should be clear by now.
To ensure an efficient, fun, and successful way of working, we created some guidelines. Conditions for success. A guiding light in the dark. Call it whatever you like. 
We call them: Guiding Principles!

In other words: think!
In doing so, we encourage autonomous actions; making your own decisions. Take responsibility and learn when to act on your own and when to ask a colleague for advice.

In other words: we want to grow sustainably.
A positive mindset and positive behaviour; searching for possibilities instead of bumps in the road. Thinking for yourself and your cell what kind of growth is necessary; quantitative growth or growth in quality? Investing in yourself in terms of development, stepping out of your comfort zone; learning new things!

In other words: we are on time in meetings, both online and offline.
We are always well-prepared for our meetings. If we are in a meeting, we are adding value (otherwise get out and do something more useful). Only schedule a meeting if it’s necessary (“Could have been an email). Meetings always have an owner, a goal, an agenda and a decision or action list.

In other words: we do everything to reach our goals. 
We take personal responsibility for meeting our goals by making them specific and understandable to others. How you do that is up to you (OKRs, SMART, HARD, etc.). We always search for creativity, and alternatives to achieve our goals. And despite our efforts, sometimes we don’t succeed. Then we look each other straight in the eye and we can honestly say that we did everything we could. 

In other words: we exceed our colleagues’ and clients’ expectations. 
Under-promise and over-deliver! We love to surprise our clients with surprisingly good service and products. We do not settle for mediocre results. That’s why we take a deep dive into our clients’ organizations: we search for their challenges, motivations, and how we can amaze them. 

In other words: we are proactive and honest.
We don’t skip an opportunity to compliment each other when we observe behaviour that contributes to our culture and results. We also speak to our colleagues and clients about behaviour that contradicts this. And we ask for feedback ourselves so we can improve. And when we receive feedback, we receive it as a gift!

In other words: we are open and honest.
We communicate openly and honestly. We do not withhold information. We invite people to think along with us and to be critical. We admit mistakes so that we can limit and repair the damage. 

In other words: working at Incentro comes with trial and error. 
Some might say: that everyone has to make mistakes! We appreciate and celebrate when Incentronauts make mistakes and learn from them. We share lessons learned and we try new things, even if we don’t know exactly whether they will work.

In other words: we don’t hide behind excuses. 
When we make mistakes, we admit them candidly; we listen carefully to the feedback we received and see what we can learn from it. 

In other words: we act normal in times of success and challenges. 
We act the same when things prosper and grow, and when times are more challenging. We don’t spend more than we earn anyway and therefore take good care of Incentro. Even in challenging times we remain positive and continue to invest in what we believe in.

In other words: everyone is equal.
We do things from intrinsic motivation. We don't reward everyone the same, but we do reward them the same way; we reward a salesperson the same way as a developer because everyone contributes to Incentro's success in his or her own way. 

Our values

Culture - CBAM
  • We value camaraderie.

  • We are bold. We dare to do things slightly different from what’s considered normal.

  • Autonomy and trust are our main focus. Cells and colleagues make their own decisions.

  • Mastery is the basis of everything. We want to be the best in what we do and create awesome digital solutions

If you’d ask any Incentronaut why our values are unique, most will point to our autonomy. We make it look easy, but in reality, giving trust can be very difficult. We see it as the most important quality of a manager.

But, to achieve our CBAM culture, it’s necessary to have camaraderie, boldness and mastery as well. These ingredients form the basis for our way of working. Remove one and we’re no longer ourselves.

In short: the real unique aspect is the combination of these four cultural values. Having amazing colleagues, a lot of freedom, and some brute force to create the coolest digital solutions.

That’s what makes us Incentro. 

Culture - CBAM_2
Our sustainability goals

We want to achieve sustainable growth, meaning long-term growth. If we were to hire a hundred new colleagues and sign a hundred new deals that do not suit us well, that would be unsustainable. But if we were to take some time, and find a hundred perfect people and clients to stand shoulder to shoulder with, that would be very sustainable for us. Next to that, we build awesome digital solutions that last for years. With this mindset, we provide future-proof solutions. 

We also want to be carbon-neutral, without all the pretentious BS. Thanks to our own windmill in Hindeloopen, we have achieved this goal in 2022. The end? No. Of course, we are taking next steps, such as exclusively ordering electric cars.

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